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Pyewacket's Map Converter

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Hello All -

I just went to use my copy of Map Converter, and found that it has become corrupted - probably in my last computer changeover.

Does anyone out there have a copy of this great little prog, or know where I might obtain it?

May I suggest that a copy be made available for download from the Suppository, and perhaps from The Scenario Depot as well?

It's a VERY useful tool for scenario designers.

If Pyewacket can be found, his permission should be asked, of course, but his website has long since disappeared, and he was always willing to supply his Map Converter to anyone that wanted it.

For all I know, he lurks here, under a different name :)

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And a Big Thankyou to rockinharry for sending me a copy of Pyewacket's Map Converter!

Please Note: rockinharry tested his copy before sending it to me, and got an error message very similar to the error message that originally prompted me to ask if anybody had this prog.

There is a nice easy solution, it turns out, and I now have a working Map Converter - nice :)

I have sent this solution to rockinharry.

Simply: if you get an error message when trying to run Map Converter, that mentions a missing file, do a google search for that file name plus the word 'missing'.

You will quickly find a page that provides the file, together with simple instructions for 'installation' :)

This is obviously a problem that is bigger than just Map Converter :)

If anyone out there needs a copy of Map Converter, let me know.

Oh, and by the way folks, I meant Depository :D

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It's NOT perfect - but it's pretty close.

And BTW folks, did you know you can use it to convert a Battle to an OP and vice-versa?

This is handy for when you suddenly decide that your project will work better in the other format - instead of having to re-do your map, you just convert it.


Copy dispatched to Erwin.

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