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New mod for TOW 1 : Uchronic mod


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ОК, я постараюсь также на русском языке ;)

I think I'll translate all the texts from FR to EN then I can try the русский язык as I go. (Don't have the eniced translation ..)

Mais ce n'est pas aussi fort que mon Français :P



Heres a sample русский язык for DG01 - хорошее?

RU - UC_DG01 - text.zip

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Heres a sample русский язык for DG01 - хорошее?

Вы сами пробовали почитать свой перевод!? Получилась полная бесмыслица!!Онлайн-переводчик лучше переведет!!! Я думал Вы владеете языком

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Here is my version 1.0 translation attempt. I have made a few adjustments to the content, hopefully keeping the spirit intact.

The Readme -

This is a pack of English language translations for the Uchronie mod v2.0. Each file needs to be put into the appropriate subfolder to give English briefings throughout this interesting 'alternate history' campaign.

The existing French language file can be overwritten/deleted as required.

The destination sub-folder name is prefixed to the file name.

Thus the file name will need to be edited once copied into the appropriate mod folder.

eg - UC_DG01 - texts.utf8

will become

..theatre of war\Missions\UCHRONIE_DG\UC_DG01\texts.utf8

Please report any issues on the forum so that that they may be addressed.

download zip @44.57kb

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Here is some screens of 4 "new" units for the next version of this mod :

Bunker with 47mm gun


Evolution of the hotchkiss : H42, with a L60 37mm gun (from the french marina)


Somua AA, with a crusader turret, buy from the british, and with a twin 25mm AA gun.


Very efficient...

And a unit from JSH (russian army) for the british


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I hope it will make a good oposant for PIVg / h, and with some luck, against tiger I :D

Here is the B2-ter, with 75mm L53 (Canon CA 75mm Mle1917/34 (Schneider), that was an AA gun)

And a 105mm for the hull :eek:


And the three brothers :

B2 (47mm L53 et 75mm L17)

B2-bis (75mm L34 and 75mm L17)

B2-ter (75mm L53 and 105mm)


Now, I need to make missions. But it is a lot of work.

So I wonder if I will adapt russian or allied or Gnasher campaign, by exchanging allied by french units :confused:

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Some interesting hybrids. All looking good.

I think a direct swap of units on existing maps/scenarios would be an easy way to test these beasts :P

Avez-vous les txts EN pour les 3 nouvelles missions Uchronie? URL dans message privé.

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So finish the adaptation of the allied campaign, I add 2 new tanks, from an uchronic lend lease program :

A french "firefly", with the CA 75mm Mle1917/34 (Schneider)

An AA gun, L53


A french "Achille", M10 with the CA 90 mm Mle1939 (Schneider)

Also another french AA gun, 20 was delivred in 1940... too late...


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