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Connecting via TCP/IP?

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This may be off the mark but you cannot host a game by "Joining Multiplayer". You must "play" a scenario, and then in a later screen, select the game as a TCP/IP game. If you are trying to host a game and use "Join Multiplayer" and type in your own IP address, it will not find a game there, as you are not currently hosting one.

Once you have selected your game as a TCP/IP game, the final screen you come to, where it waits for your opponent to connect, should give you your IP address. This would be the IP address to give to your opponent as long as it's not a LAN address from a local router or hub. If you need to, you can hit "escape" at this point to get to another application to send your IP address to your opponent, then reselect CM. You will still be at the screen waiting for the opponent to connect.

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