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Modding Challenges

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I've been working on a few scenarios for CMAK and CMBB lately where I wanted to do something a little bit 'different'.

One involves a clash between British and German forces in East Africa in WW1, and another depicts actions during the Russian Civil War.

Both of these scenarios involve vehicles used as riverine craft, which after much playtesting turns out to work pretty good.

I'd like to make the transformation complete by having mods that make the vehicles look like boats.

I've never done any Modding myself, so I'm not sure what's possible.

Would anyone care to offer an opinion, or even volunteer to have a crack at it?

The river monitors I have in mind are pretty simple ships with a single turret - it seems to me that modding CM tank BMP's wouldn't be too hard - but what do I know?


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While the 3D models can't be changed you change the artwork though you'll still have tracks. The most radical graphic mod change I've seen was for a Pacific CM mod which made quite an acceptable LVT but I forget the base tank for the mod


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"...though you'll still have tracks"

Thanks, Wicky - that's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to know, disappointing though it is.

I have that LVT Mod - it IS great - available from the Mod Warehouse.

The base vehicle was the Priest Kangaroo, which means the LVT can carry a Squad + a Team - nice :)

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While waiting for the release of CMAK I bought CMBB. I modded the Soviets as USMC and the Germans and Italians as Japanese. I learned a lot about modding and the results were just ok. In hindsight, modding the Soviets was easier as they have LL M4A2, M3 light tanks, M5 HTs, universal carriers, boyes ATRs, bolt action rifles. The Soviet delay translated into the lack of training and experience of the US early on.

The downside was helmet shapes and Maxim MGs

There were also mods for a couple of the CMBB German and Italian AFVs.

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"....and the Germans and Italians as Japanese"

Hey Paul, I'm really interested in your CMBB Mods - I've been working on (yet another) Scenario depicting a battle between the Japanese and Russians in Manchuria - 1938.

I found a bunch of great mods for CMAK that convert Italians into Japanese - and even some sound mods for CMBO, that have Japanese voices and I've been slowly & painstakingly making these work in CMBB....or trying to.....

I don't suppose you could tell me where to find your mods? :)

Are they at the Mod Warehouse?

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I never released them. They were barely acceptable. I used the CMBO Pacific mods and morphed them rather poorly to the CMBB models. It would probably be easier to convert the CMAK mods to CMBB as the models are closer to the same.

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No worries - there was a bunch of Pacific Mods done for CMAK - by Junk2Drive and others - that are truly awesome.

Interested parties can find these at the Mod Warehouse....

Everyone I'm sure will be playing CM:BN pretty soon, but I'll still be fiddling with CM1 for a while.....I've always been a bit Slow....

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LOL - that's classic, j2d - I myself am the person formerly known as 'Antman' :)

If you would like to see some of your great Pacific mods on display in an upcoming project of mine, check this out:


As I say there, you and the other Mod Authors will get full credit once the Scenario is finished....

Thank you for all your work - I've been slowly Modding CMAK with various people's Mods to get a Proper Pacific flavour....

For example, IIRC any Wooden Fences are by Juju :)

Best Fence Mod around )

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And now I see from my other thread - the Japanese voices one - that you've already seen my Tarawa project.

Like you, I've tried using sound files from other games without much success.

I'm fairly confident that I can put together a reasonable Mod Package for the Pacific and also for Manchuria - a little bit of imagination from players is required...or suspension of disbelief?

If anybody wants to be involved in either project, feel free to email me:

ant2man <at> iinet.net.au

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Greetings, Cranky

Your work on a "Tarawa" scenario (as described in your link) for CMAK is very interesting. I also am working on some Pacific Theater conversions for CMAK, and like you am starting with the various Pacific Front additions and resources made available previously by JunkToDrive [aka PaulMG] and others, as the "base" for my own interpretations.

I would particularly like to have a copy of the "USMC LVT/AMTRAC" conversion that you describe in your thread.

I've managed to find a conversion (for CMBO) of a Canadian Ram Kangaroo, but have been unable to find one for the "Priest Kangaroo" (available in CMAK) such as you describe.

If you know of a site where this conversion can still be obtained, would you mind posting a link? Or even, consider sharing a copy of the one you have in your archives privately? For that matter, if your full "Tarawa" mod is finished (or even substantially finished) and available somewhere (publicly or privately) these days, I would be very interested and appreciate it.


[it is the "Season of Giving," after all ...]


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