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Graphics problems with 1.03 on mac

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I've been playing CM since the beta demo, first on an iMac rev A and then on an iMac DV. The graphics have always been fine, but when I installed the 1.03 patch suddenly they went a bit funny.

It's the explosions that are the main problem. When an HE round impacts the explosion is green, rather than transparent. Also, an explosion will cause all the transaparent buildings to flash with a green tinge, and sometimes the green tinge stays. It can look really wierd with an arty barrage coming down, with lots of green explosions and buildings flashing on and off.

I first saw this with the resolution set on 800x600. Even the tank guns firing had green parts around the muzzle flash, and the sight of building exploding with this huge green expanding circus tent effect looked a bit wierd. I switched resolution to 1024x768 and it got rid of the tank gun firing effect and the exploding building effect, but there is still the green HE explosions and flashing buildings.

I started the same game in 1.01 and it looked just fine.

All this on an iMac DV with 64 megs of ram.

Also, the game keeps crashing, especially (but not always) when I try scroll around the map. Sometimes it will run smoothly for days, sometimes it will crash every few hours. No solution but to reboot.

Any ideas?

No replies, off on holiday for a week (timed to coincide with Madmatt's excursion so I don't miss the CMHQ updates too much) but I'll check this thread when I get back, so please any help would be welcome.

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