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Gamerswithjobs.com previews CMBN - love it

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I love it - this review says it all and with great humor ... this is exactly why I enjoy CM so much

"CM:BN is the successor of the celebrated Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. 12 years ago the game arrived in the waning months of a fantastic stretch of industry-changing PC titles. But its impenetrable interface, geologic pace and abstracted conceits crippled mainstream reception.

This spiritual successor solves none of those problems, and I for one could not be happier. CM:BN builds on the weaknesses of its forefathers and follows them to their logical conclusion. If you are to excel at this brutally difficult game you will become a student of the history of fire and maneuver warfare or the men under your command will die."

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While I do think the review caught the "feel" of the game very well, it doesn't offer enough information for people who never played CM IMO.

True, but I don't think that was his intent. It seems to me he mainly wanted to convey the emotions the game elicited in him. After all, for many(most, all?) people that's the most important, and there's multiple hours of gameplay footage for them to watch and get the details. :)

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