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ATI Rage Fury lock-up problems cured!!!

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For general information, I have an ATI Rage Fury video card. The problem I had was that when loading the game I'd get the titles up and then the game would hang the whole computer. I was running Directx 7.0. I tried the patch to 7.0a with no success. The answer is download the WHOLE Directx 7.0a version (SEE THE "a" ON THE END OF 7.0 THERE - THAT'S THE KEY) and installed it. Program works perfectly.

To download Directx 7.0a (note the "a" there)go to the www.microsoft.com site and type directx into the search section. Then go to the download section AND DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE DIRECTX 7.0A SOFTWARE (not just the patch). Once downloaded install it and yur problems are over.


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Guest Big Time Software

Thanks for posting this. I was not aware of problems with the patch to 7.0a. We'll recommend full 7.0a downloads to everyone from now on.


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I should also note, due to other problems that developed, that I:

1) Turned off all programs that were running in the background including Mac Virus protection;

2) Turned my Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced - Performance -up to FULL;

3) Started the game from the CD - i.e. My Computer - D: drive (the CD-Rom drive) - and then clicked on the Combat Mission icon.

This then gave me the video setup menu (it starts asking what resolution you want and you obviously choose 1024 by 768).

The mouse may be a little buggy - but it works quite well enough to play.

By the way - GREAT GAME!!!!!


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