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its a heater, right? Guess he is joking...

Have you ever been in combat in chilly weather ? This is no joke.

I am of course expecting the Jumbuckdingodonger to be included in due course. This Australian adaptation of the Kampfraumheizung was significantly different to warrant separate inclusion.

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To be honest, I don't have personal expierience of Normandy in Summer, because I never was there at this time. But I live in Thuringia, which is 'known' in Germany because it is more 'continental' when it comes to climate then rest of the country because of it's 'geographical features' (lowland basin surrounded by mountains). Normandy is next to the Golf Stream, so I'm pretty shure the summer nights are warmer in summer then in Thuringia, especialy when the sky is overcast in night.

To my experience from summers in the area the weather in Normandie is a lot like the channel is most of the time. As you progress further west towards Bretange it gets even worse with moist and rain appearing from nowhere (like the western approaches and Cornwall UK). Follow the coast SW and it gets a bit more Atlantic style (steelgrey skies but overall nice and stable though it's still "feels" colder than say the Bay of Biscay (the water gets a lot greener there although I might suspect that could be more due to the coastline running N-S rather than E-W).

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