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PC and Mac launch together or PC first?

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Hi all

Sorry for asking twice, but I thought I would put this into its own thread as I am sure that I am not the only person who is going to ask this question :)

In the Pre-Order Announcement for the PC, Moon said:

The Mac OS X version is currently scheduled to be released not too long after the PC version.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy PC Pre Orders Open

In the announcement today it was stated that the Mac version is 2 to 3 weeks away. Is that for *both* Mac and PC, or is that just for Mac?

Thanks in advance.


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Back to a original question: BFC, some light on the subject would be appreaciated by all Monkey Refresh Legions.

PC released same time as Mac? Or not? Dont need more details than just a one or two word answer.

From the Mac statement, I would say that yes, it sounds like they are being released at the same time. But per previous statements, and some hints late last week, it sounded like PC was coming first. Any official clarificaition is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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