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Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Video AAR

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Hi my name is Chris "tyrspawn" Krause - i'm a Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy beta tester. I've been given the great opportunity to make a video AAR for the community.

It is available for viewing here:

The video is an AAR/walkthrough of two scenarios and my thoughts on Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. Two scenarios are recorded:

Barkmann's Corner - a sole panther tank lead by the eponymous tank commander joins with a battered remnant of a much larger German infantry force to hold a vital crossroads attacked by multiple tank platoons. It's basically the German version of Saving Private Ryan.

Closing the Pocket - a panzer grenadier company, supported by a section of panther tanks and a marder platoon, assaults a commune near Falaise in an attempt to delay and counterattack allied forces which are attempting to encircle friendly forces in the greater area of operations.

I'd be willing to record some other things, if you'd like to see anything in particular please request it.

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This is too cool. Intense battle.

Why is it you dont use small/short cover arcs for your Panzer Shrecks (or any other units) during setup instead of hiding? I always did that so my units would still be able to observe what was going on (in CMSF). Or does it matter? I've never noticed.

Thanks for the AAR!

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Thank you for posting this. As others have already said, this really makes you want to play as soon as possible.

Nice job.

I was a bit disappointed to hear some of the same lame American (and German) voice snippets from CMx1 and CMSF. I was hoping for all new ones. Just a minor irritation however, I still love the rest of it.

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This looks great.

After watching the first half an hour or so I was now wondering if American tank crews can be recruited independently of the tank?

That banzai assault to the forest in the first scenario (min 38:55) after their tank being neutralized and making the German squad in the area surrender in the process is something to behold! Go tank crews! Go!

- (American tank commander) $hit man, lets get the hell out of here and hide in those woods!

- Aye Sir!

- Run for your lifes!

-(German sargeant) Scheissen Otto! Die Amerikaner are assulting our position! They are so very brave and courageous after wie destroyed zeir tank!

- Wie surrender!!!

- (American tank driver) fukc, where´s my gun? Oh, Sir looky here! Germans surrendering! What do we do?

- (American tank commander) Huh? yeah, huh, just look tough and accept their surrender damn it! Can we give them some chocolate?

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And is it true you couldnt fire a panzerfaust inside a building?

Building interiors are abstracted, but the average room in a Norman building would be too small to fire a panzerfaust in due to the back blast when fired. Same goes for bazookas/panzershrecks.

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