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Game Install.

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You are dealing with a rookie!

1) Installed game. Tried to start. Got screen that had tripple images, blinking on and off.

Nothing works.

2) Don't know where to start.

3) don't know how to "uninstall"

4) How do I find out what Video card I have?

5) Audio card?

6) Any other suggestions.

Thank you


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If you're getting 'triple images' it sounds like you have selected a vertical refresh rate that is too high for you monitor to display. As odd as this sounds (since the 'multiplication' is a horizontal domain and not the vertical), this can result from the monitor attempting to display a refresh rate that is beyond its range for that resolution.

You need to delete the 'Prefs' file in the root directory of your install (I assume this is CMBB). For CMBB this file will be called Combat Mission BB Prefs for CMBO it will be called Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs. If you have the retail version of either of these games (i.e. - you purchased this game from a store and not from Battlefront.com) the files may have slightly different names.

Once this file is deleted, the next time you run CM you will have to select the resolution again. CM typically starts at your current desktop resolution (your normal 2D screen you typically see when running Windows). However CM will try out the highest refresh rate available at that resolution. This refresh rate is defined by the video driver and not the monitor profile for CM's purposes. Thus you could get an image that won't display properly on your screen. If this is happening DO NOT HIT ANY KEYBOARD KEYS. This will pass in about 5 seconds or so when the next lower refresh rate is tried automatically. It's possible that CM may attempt to run 120Hz refresh rate at whatever resolution you're running at and that may be too much for your monitor. Eventually a refresh rate will come up that should be viewable on your monitor. Typically you'll see a black screen with a text box in the middle of the screen listing the current resolution and refresh rate (and possibly a name for the video card or which display it may be if more than one is installed). Hitting the Enter key or clicking on the 'Accept' button on screen should select that resolution and refresh rate. You'll also notice that there is a skip button if you want to try another resolution & refresh rate combination.

Once you've reached 60Hz vertical refresh rate CM will try the next lower resolution, but at the highest refresh rate available. This may or may not display correctly on your monitor and again waiting until it automatically runs the next lower refresh rate (or even further lower rates) is what you should do.

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