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...and another 'technical-orientated' ;-) immersion question

How about TrackIR support for CM:BN?

did anybody tried to further enhance the immersion of CM2 'simulations' with a TrackIR?

I did some first workaround experiments using Trackmapper (a free utility) to slave the Left, Right, and Tilt-Down panning keys to the head movement and it works ...'ok' ... but a mutual in-game support would be much better

IMHO Combat Mission is more a simulation then 'just a game' so i think its a valid suggestion...



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What might serve you even better in CMBN, it strikes me, is a program like VAC - voice activated commands. You simply map all hotkeys to something you want to utter when ordering your units about. Like "forward hunt". But one would still have to place the waypoints.

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That would be the wife telling you that it is time to get off the computer

I remember reading a comment on the flight sim forums about a guy who'd mapped his aircraft commands ( in IL2 ) to Voice Activated Commands.

It worked great until his wife thought he'd flown enough, walked into the room and yelled "Bail out !" :D

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What sort of devil-magic is this of which you speak?

I have to say: stuff like this is cool but I'd bet it falls at about #2834 on the priority list,* right after "write the Old Church Slavonic version", and right before "add Hamstertruppen support".

*truthfully, I'd bet it hasn't even occurred to the fellas

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i remember an old submarine alternative history game you could voice command. It was a gimic that proved flawed. It meant you could not talk to anybody while playing.

How can I used my joystick and foot pedals with cmbn?? ;)

I remember a couple of old games that used voice control and it did seem really neat at the time. But I found, even being alone, I felt kind of embarrassed to be shouting out stuff while sitting in front of my computer.

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think this might solve one big problem with CMBN

for a game where so much time needs to be spent assessing the terrain and location of units the camera controls are still at theatre of war levels (bought 3 games hardly ever play any of them - moving the camera around is just too masochistic)

Im sure Battlefront has a lot to be proud of with their Shockforce generation of games - my one question would be have they seen what else is out there? have they seen the sort of modern war experience that flightsims like DCS Black Shark and A10 can give?

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