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will CM:BN (and does CMSF and CMA already) support 3D stereoscopic view with the kit from Nvidia?

since Thursday i am sporting a brand new 27' TFT + shutter glasses, and the 3D-driver reports 'Combat Mission' with the CMA icon in the 'supported installed games window' ...

so i am only using the CMA Demo for testing 3D on a Vista partition,

with no success yet :-/

(my full games + modules are still installed on an older XP partiton. and i dont want to fiddle with the eLicence thingy just for fancy display test purposes, ...never change a running system! ;-) well, i will migrate with the installed CM2 engine games to Vista or W7 when 3D is supported)

Does anybody gained already some 'stereoscopic experience' with demos or full CM2 engine titles yet?

What the plans with CM:BN?



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I have just received 3D glasses. They list CMSF support of 3D as excellent. I can not get it to work properly though - the 3D system just wont switch on. No idea if this is due to the modules installed, or if the infromation is wrong - or something else....

(It does work with some other games, with different levels of succes).

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I used to use 3D shutter glasses quite a lot a few years ago. They basically worked with pretty much any 3D game, but things that were a mix of 2D and 3D could cause some weird stuff (Operation Flashpoint looked great, but you had to close one eye for the target reticule to be centered on your target). Racing sims and flight sims are SO much more immersive in 3D.

I never had good results with LCD type screens (CRTs work great). I also only got them to work well with an nVidia video card. nVidia's drivers support 3D natively, you just have to make sure to install the 3D driver extension that's the *same version* as the driver you're running (ie: You can't run display driver version 42.8 and 3D driver version 43.1 or it won't work).

Now, it's been several years and I never tried it with any of the CM games, but if you had things setup correctly I believe it should work without problems. If you have an old CRT laying around, give that a shot. And make sure that your nVidia driver revisions match. Once you get that working, then you can see if it will work with your TFT display.

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I used to play CMAK in 3D with one of those Nvidia 3D cards without problems. I don't think there should be issued with CMSF or CMBN either, since that technology does not rely on any support from the game itself. Unless something changed. In the last 5 years since I last tried. YMMV. Whatever.

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