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CMAK: Sound dissapears!!

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Hello, I'm a Spanish CMAK player (sorry for my english!!!), and I've a problem: sometimes, when I'm playing CMAK, all the sound dissapears, and I' ve to reboot my computer to have sound again in CMAK or in other games.

I play CMBB and CMBO, and I've no problem with them. This problem only appears playing CMAK.

I have a Pentium 1.700 Mhz, 256 Mb RAM memory, and an old Nvidia Riva TNT2 32 Mb Video Card.

My sound card is a VIA AC97 with the new driver "Combo Audio v. 3.90a" installed.

I've installed DriverX version 9.0 too.

Could you help me, please?

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I'm not sure why your audio is blanking out only in CMAK. I've sometimes run into something slightly similar when the audio won't play initially in a game. Sometimes cranking up the audio (a manual dial adjustment on the speaker/amplifier) and then turning it back down has brought the audio on. But in my case I believe that this is just a delay in the audio initialization of the soundcard rather than a complete blanking of the audio.

Is this the CDV (retail) version of CMAK or did you purchase this game from the BFC website ? Did you have any problems during the install ?

In your case it may be a software/driver issue. You may want to adjust your 'hardware acceleration' by launching the DirectX Diagnostic. Go to Run and type in 'dxdiag' (without the quotes) and then go to the Sound/Sound1 tab (depending on how many audio devices DirectX recognizes in your system). Adjust the 'Hardware Sound Acceleration Level' to the left. What this adjusts is the amount of work that the hardware does compared to the CPU. By moving it to the left, the CPU becomes more involved with processing the audio. This may not be a solution for you, but it is something to try initially.

Did you recently upgrade to the 3.90a driver or have you had it installed for awhile ? How consistent is this audio problem with CMAK; does it occur everytime you play ? Have you tested CMB0 & CMBB since upgrading to the 3.90a driver to see if they truly remain 'problem free' regarding audio ? Do you lose all audio when this sound problem occurs in CMAK (including WAV sounds in Windows or playing an audio CD) ?

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Thanks for your help!!!

1-I only have problems with CMAK. I can play perfectly with CMBB and CMBO.

2-I've the CDV version (I bought it in Barcelona)

3-I loose all audio of my computer, including, of course, all CMAK sounds.

I will try to follow your advice. Thank you again!!!

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Which motherboard do you have (manufacturer, model number and revision) ? Do you have the latest BIOS for it ? Do you know which 'codec chip' you have on the motherboard ? What was your previous audio driver before the latest 3.90a ?

Does turning off ambient sound in CMAK make any difference in how long you can play before losing all of your audio ? Are there any particular controls or software utilities that come with the 3.90a drivers ? What sort of settings can you modify (other than volume levels) ? Are there MIDI Wavesets that come with the drivers, if so what do you have selected (if there is a selection) ?

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