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Drivers for Nvidia T1 4200

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If it works fine, why screw with it ? The only reason I could think of is if you use other games that have a preference for other Detonator/Forceware drivers.

If CM is your primary addiction, I'd recommend staying with the 30.82/30.87 drivers. Newer drivers basically support newer videocards, have fixes for other games and some speed improvements for some cards. However they also often have other problems and often the video quality is a bit worse (to 'accomodate' the 'speed improvements'). Certain drivers may look or work better with different games, so it is a bit of a tossup. If your video card can use the 30.82/30.97 drivers, then we'd recommend those. If you have a newer video card (AGP 8X or the FX series) then the 52.16 (or possibly newer betas) should be fairly good. Some of the earlier 4x.xx drivers (42.xx, 43.xx, 44.xx) have some severe performance problems in CM (and possibly other games). The 45.xx series I believe worked OK.

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