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I would like help with the SFS Extractor

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Ok, I know I am coming late in the game here, but I would like to start modding the ToW series, I have ToW1, ToW2 and Kursk, bought them all at once.

I have the SFS extractor installed under the Mission Editor folder for both ToW1 and 2. I have created a myextractsetting.xml.

Here are a few of the threads I have already searched through...




I am using Windows XP (not 7), on a PC that is less than a year old. I can get the Extractor window open, I have the TOW Mission Editor Location and Extract Location filled out, I have both filelist.txt in place under the Mission Editor folder...

My issue is that I can get the data.sfs to mount, but nothing shows up under the data tree window to the left of the extractor. I just have the default tree structure of ..\ with a green checkbox. I have been working on this all day, as well as searching the forums, but i am about burned out...

My goals for modding is first modifying the units, like what kind of weapons the soldiers carries in the various squads, modifying tank stats, and weapon stats, so I am assuming all of that is under the data.sfs, and maybe the patches as well. I am hoping once I can gain access to the data' then i can get to sounds, textures and models... right now I am just concerned with data...

Is anyone still around to give me a hand with this, I would appreciate it.

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Yes, I have mounted them by hand. It seems as thoug the program does not find them automstically. I am sure (or hoping) that I have something set wrong, or I haven't installed it correctly.

I have attached three image files showing you what i currently have. I can also attach myextractsettings.xml, and my config.xml in another post if you would like to look at those too.

Any help you could provide would be great. THANKS!!

P.S. I have been modding for about ten years on multiple games, but I am currently in school to learning game development and programming, so I am still a novice when it comes to hiccups like this... :)




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The information I have included here pertains to ToW 1. I will also be wanting to mod ToW2 and Kursk, but one thing at a time... :) .

For some reason when i upload the .xml's I get "invalid file" not sure what's going on there, so I am posting the guts of the xml's on here...


<?xml version="1.0" ?>

- <sfsConfig xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance'>http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">

- <Root>





**Now what's interesting about this, is that it looks empty... I am not sure what this file is supposed to contain or what its supposed to call.***


<?xml version="1.0" ?>

- <extractConfig xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance'>http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">

<sfsPath>C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Theatre of War\MissionEditor</sfsPath>


- <Mounts>




Also, the computer I have that plays the ToW series, is not hooked up to the internet, so I am not sure if that's an issue, because within both of these files there is a call to inof on the internet...

Let me know if I need to post anything else.



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Well, I thougth I could edit my above post, but not sure whats going on... Anyway, sorry about the picture I attached, I increased the size of it, but its the same as the previous, can't read it, I will try to post just a copy of the upper right hand corner.

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I am using Programmer's Notepad (PN) to edit my code.

When I open the xml in PN, There is collapsable +/- to the left of those. When I open it up in plain Notepad, they are not there. It could that I have PN setup for a specific type of formatting that it interprets that code to place those there...

So in short, I belive its just residue left from when I pasted the code in the message, and is not really present.

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i have looked in to the logs its says following:

Unable to load DLL '..\rts.dll': Invalid access to memory location

It cant load this dll, so the mounting of the sfs files is not happening. You said you run this in XP (is it 32 bit?) and you are administrator, do you have enought rights in the folder where the TOW is?



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I am administrator on my machine and I believe it is 32 bit.. It is Windows XP ver 2002 SP 3.

I have rights to the folder as well...

Hope this helps.

Also, The SFS Extractor i downloaded was the one off the battlefront website, I think it was the latest one that said it was 64 bit compatible, would that be causing any problems? I assumed it worked with 32 bit as well... Just wondering.

Thanks for your help on this!! :)

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Dr. Jones,

The other version you wanted me to load; was that the SFSExtractor-64bit-compatible.zip? I loaded that one (unzipped files under mission Editor Folder) and it doesn't seem to work either. It performs the same way as the standard version (SFSExtractor.zip)

Perhaps, could you please give me a run down of how I should install it. I want to make sure I have placed all the files in the right place, and make sure i have all the right settings. I would hate for you to waste your time and it was something silly like that...

I appreciate your help with this, Thanks!!!

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After working with Dr. Jones, I wanted to post some things that I thought would be helpful in using this valuable tool.

My SFS Extractor would not work until I went into Control Panel, System Properties, Advanced, Perfromance, Settings, Data Execution Prevention and included the SFSExtractor.exe in that list. I had to do this with the Games as well to get them to work. Not sure why though...

Make sure you have your filelist.txt in the Mission Editor folder for the appropriate game, and make sure the SFSExtractor is loaded in the same folder as well.

Anyway, Thanks to Dr. Jones to for making it all happen!!! It resources like him that make the road to modding a lot less bumpy.

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