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CMBO & CMBB problems after switching vid card.

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I have updated my video card from a Geforce 2 GTS to a Geforce 4 Ti 4400.

I use the Nividia 30.82 drivers ( Win98SE)

Yesterday i have played CMBO ( versus AI ) with no problems.

Now the strange part:

Today i changed my swap file to a fixed swap file.

After that i wanted to play CMBO but when i start i hear the tune but see a black screen.

I can go back to desktop with escape and then back into the game and i have the mainscreen.

Playing versus AI is ok, but when i load a PBEM file, and make my moves and hit the GO button, the game freezes !

Hard reboot is needed.

Black screen after start same with the CMBB demo.

I can play the game by going back to desktop en bakc into game.

But now i cant play pbem battles , HELP !

I changed my swapfile back to window management but same story.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I used an image of my C drive ( 2 weeks old ) and installed the 30.82 drivers again.

CMBO and CMBB started ok again and i could play my pbem turn !

But after 1 hour the problem was back !!!

Reboot did not work.

Anybody know a solution ?

Other drivers ? Any recommended ??

[ October 05, 2002, 10:17 AM: Message edited by: Monty ]

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Originally posted by Monty:

I found the problem now.

When i disable Anti Aliasing, i can start the game ok, no problems then.

With AA on, problem back.

But i thought the 30.82 had no AA problems ???

Any suggestion for a better driver please !?

I am running the G4 Ti4600 vid card. I have no problems with AA at any setting. I am using the drivers that came with the card, Vision Tek (Xtacy). I figured if something were wrong with the drivers I would update, but have had no probs.
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