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Smoke Effects not consistant

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Ok, I'm using the ATI All-in-Wonder 32mb video card. And the smoke effects look very good and translucent, however when I rotate the camera sometimes the smoke effects change to be non-translucent (and far more ugly). They always seem to be translucent when I'm up close, but when I zoom out a bit the suddenly jump to being non transparent smoke. Is this what is supposed to happen? I would think it should always be translucent because it just looks so ugly the other way.

[This message has been edited by Tobe (edited 07-27-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Tobe (edited 07-27-2000).]

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Do you know what chip your All-in-Wonder is based on ? Is it a 3D Rage II/II+ (maybe with "DVD" also on it) or is it a 3D Rage 128 (which would be an All-in-Wonder 128) ?

For the first one I would suggest upgrading to these drivers if you don't have them already:

Rage II:


If you happen to have the card based on a Rage 128 then upgrade to these drivers:

Reactorcritical Rage 128 drivers:


I can't exactly picture what you're looking at, but it may be normal (at least with the ATI drivers) or it may not be fixed by the latest ones. I saw some graphic anomalies with the Rage 128 Pro and the Beta Demo and the latest drivers fixed those (but they weren't related to the smoke).

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