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Battlefield size not selectable in Multiplayer?

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This game was advertised to have selectable battlefield size. There were even screenshots of this option in game. Well, I bought this game primarily for Multiplayer and specifically for a larger than 2kmx2km map size. I have owned all previous versions of TOW but my biggest dissappoint has always been the size of the tiny maps for multiplayer games.

So, I was really looking forward to this feature to allow users to select the battlefield size. Why isn't this available in Multiplayer?

Why is Battlefront so clueless with regards to Multiplayer aspect of this game?

Multiplayer is where the value of startegy games is these days and not a stupid single player campaign.

Please tell me if I am missing something in game setup.

If not, please tell me how to get my money back as this would constitute false advertising.

Over and out.

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