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Initial Res - 640x480

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I just can't believe on what happened (see my machine specs on the end of this message):

1-First time I open the DEMO and I'm asked about continuing with 1024x768 ScreenRes or try another. Well, I don't an exemplar system*, then I select to skip to another.

2-800x600? I think it's just okay, but I want to not push the system and have a good FPS on gameplay. I haven't read the minimum specs, but if game is allowing me this... Why not? Skip to another.

3-640x480? FPS is good, but I want to see the game screens too!! smile.gif Accept.

4-Now you can just imagine what happened, the Battlefront.com Photo appeared to be oversized and a message says: Minimum Res 800x600. What I thinked on the time? Why the game requires a minimum spec and let you go further than the minimum? Ok, I'm not going to throw my computer case from the window and scream some "not polished" words for the game manufacturer. The game exits by itself and my plan is: select 800x600 next time, but...

5-Next time comes smile.gif I double-click the Game icon from the Desktop (Why the installer just don't asks me for permission for that like the another games?) and what I got? no ScreenRes selection, it goes directly to the Battlefront Photo on 640x480 Res. ARRGHHH!!! I do some more tries: Same. AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now I'm mad! What kind of programers you all are? What paradox I'm now! Let's how I can find a solution...

6-May the game have some entries on the windows registry for saving these settings, so I open Regitry Editor and search for the game name, manufacturer, 640, and another words, but nothing is found, I think the game haven't Reg entries, next step...

7-May a config file on game directorie can save my day... But the game is basicly Bitmaps and WAV sounds, the unic file that can store that information is the main exe, and I don't know how and don't want to decompile the program.

So I ask for your help (even reinstalling the game don't worked, may the solution is a reg entrie that I haven't searched enough)

*AMD K6-2 500MHz

128 Ram

Diamond Monster Fusion Graphic Card (Voodoo Banshee chipSet, 16MB)

Win98 - DirectX 9 (I've a lot of another games working on that machine and the latest Graphic Card Drivers working)

And finally my pride: Sound Blaster AWE64 Sound Card! smile.gif

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With 800x600 being the minimum resolution I don't know why BTS didn't change that in the resolution selection process. CMBO supported that resolution and I believe it is a hold-over from that. It would be nice for BTS/BFC to get rid of it, but I don't know how hard that may be.

To change resolutions you need to delete the 'Prefs' file, which holds settings such as the resolution and a couple of other player preferences. If you do a default install this will typically be at C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBB\COMBAT MISSION BB PREFS. After deleting this file, the next time you launch CMBB it will go through the resolution selection process again. There are no registry entries for the game, so you don't need to worry about any of those.

There's another potential problem with your setup. Video cards based on the 3dfx Voodoo Banshee have some problems with the initial 2D screens, where they don't 'update' properly (you click on a button but the next screen doesn't show up properly). I have no idea if this can be fixed or not (there are a couple of other drivers that have this problem). The workaround involves clicking around the screen at random (or best guess, if you have an idea where the buttons should be) to hit a button. Once in the 3D screens the game is OK (though the Banshee doesn't support all of the effects, like transparencies). You may want to consider another video card if you can afford it.

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