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Must See Movies: a "waiting" list

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It failed it's saving through versus polymorph and now is slowly mutating before our very eyes, (rather like the Thing).

As for more films

The Battle of Britain (amazing lengths they went to get the details correct and the scenes of the Final Battle, complete with stunning score, still give me goose bumps)

Dunkirk (1958) Plenty of stiff upper-lippery but also good at catching the sense of confusion, caused by the Germans rapid advance, and the scene with the 25lb battery is a classic in understated tension

Uncommon Valour (1983) Formulaic but well done

I really wish they could make a movie about the UK night bombing missions, Puttnam wanted to but studio pressure made him do Memphis Bell, pity. The radio version of Bomber was a classic!

I have never seen it, but Samuel Maoz's Lebanon (2010) was meant to be very good, shot mainly inside a tank it might show CM's an insight into the tankers enclosed world (especially when buttoned).

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Tangentially WWII related, Lina Wertmüller's film "Seven Beauties" (1975).

The things poor Giancarlo Giannini has to do to satisfy the Nazi POW camp commandant! :eek:

On a siimilar-but-sicker note there's also "The Night Porter" (1974).

The things poor Charlotte Rampling has to do to satisfy the Nazi camp commandant! :eek:

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Another vote for Downfall. Bruno Ganz is a very compelling Hitler and whoever played the Goebbels were utterly chilling.

I would also recommend Kokoda: 39th Battalion. As an overall film it isn't brilliant but the combat is sharp and at time makes you want to duck, which is something that SPR didn't quite manage.

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Piece of cake - british miniseries about an early war Spitfire I squad. Very good, very british and very honest.


Though I'm afraid it's virtually impossible to get hold of this masterpiece in any decent format (I've tried for 6 months and REFUSE to order it on DVD as I don't even have a player anymore).

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Private Shulz


Over six one-hour episodes, it tells the story of a German fraudster who tricks the Nazis into making counterfeit British five pound notes, millions of which will be used to destroy the British economy. However, Schulz is primarily interested in stealing them.

And when the war was over a British unit had the following conversations:

Private to Sgt - "I found 100,000 five pound notes"

Sgt to Lt - "The squad found 75,000 five pound notes."

Lt to Capt "The platoon found 50,000 five pound notes."

Captain to Col - "The company found 25,000 five pound notes."

General to Col - "Let's just forget about this incident of the 12,500 five pound notes that the regiment found..."

Funny Funny stuff.

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I'm amazed no one has mentioned Bridge over the River Kwai yet. Also, not to forget The Young Lions as well.

Finally, with an Australian bent... The Odd Angry Shot anyone?



Well if you want Aussie

ANZACS the mini series (with crocodile dundee)

The Lighthorsemen movie - one of the best cavalry charges I have seen in a movie

Breaker Morant movie

Gallipoli Movie

Kokoda - ww2 jungle action

Attack Force Z - again ww2 jungle action- ok this is bad. Mel Gibson in a sort of Ramboesque comedy romp

blood oath

Australia - ok thats just a love story

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