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Demo not working.

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Okay, story so far.

I downloaded the CMBB demo, and install it. Go to run it, and get....

Horrible stuttering. Something like 1 second of being able to do something, followed by 5 seconds of lockup. Totally unplayable, obviously.

I've got a Geforce 4 (Ti 4200), so the card should be able to keep up...

Okay, come on here poke around a bit. Use NVCleaner, and downgrade to the 30.82 drivers (From 41.03).

Now the situation is WORSE!

Now, immesiatbly after entering the 3d environment, my machine lockups up, and reboots a few seconds later.


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Do you play any other games on this computer, especially DirectX-based games ? Do you have this problem with any other game ?

Do you know what chipset your motherboard is based on ? Have you installed the chipset drivers for your OS ? This can help with some AGP problems.

What resolution are you trying to run at and how fast is your CPU ?

Did you perform an 'uninstall' on your previous drivers or did you just use NVCleaner ? I highly suggest uninstalling your video drivers (and then possibly running NVCleaner) & rebooting - installing a 'Super VGA PCI' adapter (and not installing the proper video drivers just yet) - depending on your OS you may want to consider install/re-installing DirectX (version 9.0 isn't necessary, but sometimes helpful for the latest drivers) & rebooting - now install the version of driver that you want (30.82 or 30.87 in this case works best with CM at the moment).

What sound card do you have in your system and have you updated drivers for it ? Depending on your motherboard the sound card may be sharing an IRQ with another device and this can cause problems with some sound cards.

Do you have any USB devices plugged in (especially USB drives or joysticks) ? You may want to 'disconnect' these devices before staring CM to see if that helps or not (unless, of course, your mouse is an USB device).

It's also possible that CM may be overloading your machine and it's ability to cool the CPU. CM can run the CPU at 100%, which will throw a marginally cooled machine into lockups.

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