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Fun Challenge 2011

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Dear players of SC Global Conflict,

for some players the Battlefront Championship went to fast into the Playoffs. It was very hard to reach into the Quarter Final. However most of the players told me that they have much fun playing in the Group Phase. Some of you ask me if we could organize a minor competition to play on. Maybe there will be more focus to change experiences or simply to have fun. I was kicked out either and have similar thoughts.

I know shortly there will be a new SC Expansion and maybe you only want to play the newest game. But I am sure some veterans simply earn more motivation on WWII in SC Global Conflict.

First of all I wanna check up who is willing to play on in an organized way let’s say a Fun Challenge 2011. No price money no special honor but inside a competition. If we catch about 8 players it is worth to make a chart and make this kind of SC GC maneuver.

We want you…grins


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Not sure whether this Fun Challenge is something only for players no longer in the Tournament, but if you are talking about setting up a kind of SC league then, like Rambo, I am also game. I suspect I can also speak for Pacestick and suggest he would be up for it too.

Out of interest jsut how many serious pbem SC players do we think are out there? 16 signed up for the tournament - is this pretty much the global hardcore 2 player community? An internally run ladder or league would be a lot of fun.

So a great idea Amadeus, and I'll play if I'm allowed.

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What I meant with Fun Challenge 2011 was or is an additional Tournament for all players in the second row. I think there are 10-12 players who wants to play in such a competition. A automated opponent finder and (a bit smaller) competition too. But I would like to hear other opinions.

SC league? German Panzerliga has a ladder. The implementation could be difficult here because a league system needs visual expression and an automated report. Battlefront Forum is not easy in uploading charts. To be honest you need active support to make a ladder or a league system.

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Now I have some Ideas about the upcoming Challenge.

Basic Rules:

1) Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict patch v1.04 is recommended, please update!

2) “World at war” is the Default Campaign to play. Check all sets or options soon.

3) 2 Groups are made and new players are still welcome. If you wanna change your group for any reason please contact me. I try to consider your wishes but you loose your results.

Group A: Catacol Highlander, Clausewitz, Crispy131313 ??, David12345, Dragon, Gronq

Group B: Javi, Jollyguy, Pacestick, Rambo, Sandy, Shaun

4) Every player with at least 2 passed games (Mirror Games are 2 games) will be recognized in a Group ladder. You may play against an opponent (you like) more than 1 time. The number of Victories counts first. Example:

Player 1: 4-1

Player 2: 3-0

Player 3: 3-1

5) At the end of 2011 we cross check the two groups. Leader A against leader B, Second vs. Second and so on.

No time schedules for a single match. At the next weekend we could start. I will send you the Email addresses if needed. I hope fun comes first but we have a winner at the end.

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Would be interested in joining, I have only played 1 e-mail game and got clobbered bad, am playing a second now doing a little better, but what the heck, I really love this game, I can only get better, right? Or I don't get better and get beaten over and over again....... that would suck of course.

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