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accordin' to yonder manual when u save in the game (e.g a battle) then the save should appear at the top of the list of scenarios, guess what, it doesn't. i was in some scenario when 2 panthers ragg'd it over the hill i had 4 shermans targeting them so i went "mmmmm i think i need to save" i did this and started the turn the 2 pnthers UTTERLY RAPED me killin all 4 tanks and about 14 infantry so i thinks time to reload. i go back to the scenarios screen but there's no save there. i've tried many times since and it still dont work any suggestions???


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Also make sure you arent running the game off of the CD. If you are then you cant save games (you cant write to the CD).

The shortcut you use to launch the game should point to the Combat Mission.exe on your hard drive and not the one on the CD.


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Go to the folder on your hard drive that has CMBO in it. Make an alias or shortcut of the CMBO executable program. Place the shortcut on your desktop. Open the program with the shortcut, choose a scenario, make a minor change and save with a different name. Now abort out of the scenario, I believe you will now see your saved name scenario in the list. choose it to start the scenario. It should be the one you changed.

Many people have done this same thing (run the game off the CD) so you are not alone in this. Hope this helps.

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