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A dumb question about the elicense thingy ...

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I plan to buy two copies of CM:BN as soon as its aviable, one for me and one for my buddy. So, do these two copies share one license, cause they are bought by one person, or are there two licenses then ?

I dont want to go through downloading the game two times. and then cant playing it against my oldest friend, cause the elicense bites me is the a** ...

If I download the game one time, can I burn it on dvd, go to my friend and install it with the second license ( no need for downloading a second time then ) ?

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I plan on buying several copies for various people.One of whom is in the UK.I and my brother are in Florida.I have bought a game off Battlefront before(CMSF)for my Brother and that was no problem,but not sure if the UK thing would be a problem.

How will I be able to buy both a download and a hard copy for someone in the UK? Should I just get a prepaid Visa card and email the card info to him,or can I buy it and just email him the E-license thingy.I have never had anything shipped to the UK.Any advise on how best to do this would be appreciated.Thanks.

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I will be buying two copies as well and handing out one to some deserving fellow gamer over on Insidemacgames forums. It's been a long long time away for me from this series and the previews are doing nothing at all to lower my level of squealing anticipation. I want to share the CM goodness with others.

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