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Target Area command

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Hi all,

I am trying to understand the Target Area command a bit better.

1) Why does it exhibit the "snap to grid" behavior? It is really frustrating when you know there is a enemy unit hiding right on the corner of a building, but area fire only allows you to target the middle of the building or an area of ground no where near the corner of the building. When you watch the play back, it does not look to me as if the entire area is "sprayed" when you do this. It seems like the vast majority of rounds hit the middle of the building. Yet, is the enemy becomes visible at the corner then you can target them accurately.

2) The 40mm mounted grenade launcher. When using area fire, many rounds seem to fall way short or go way long.

3) Abrams MBT HE. Seems to shoot into the ground way in front of troops in a trench.

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1) There is a spread of the shots, I just put some area fire on a building, and I saw the shots hit left middle and right part of the floor.

2) I think the 40mm grenade launcher is inherently inaccurate, also with aimed fire.

3) Discussed in the CMBN AAR: if you shoot too high, you won't see where it would have hit, so the tactic seems to be correcting starting from shooting short.

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There may also be a difference re what one sees and how the computer calculates the result. I have seen troops seeming to have no LOS to an enemy, but they fire regardless, and can cause casualties.

I think this is due to the realistic 1:1 modeling..so when you look at your squad, for example, and order them to fire at a vehicle a distance away that they can see, yet they cannot yet target because perhaps the one who can fire, is not the one who can see, so you will look "zoom in" and see them rearrange themselves. Over a crestline where trying to set an ambush for armored vehicles, I will often do this,then when the squad (really, one person in the squad) sees the AFV, I will break off an anti tank group from the squad and many times they were behind the "seeing" unit,so I still have to get them into position then to fire.

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well you target the center of the tile, as far as graphics, but your weapon effects will actually hit the point you are aiming at, if you look closely.

When I fire at a wall to break it, the graphic will show me firing at the ground in front, but the shells will still hit the wall,and the wall will collapse, same with firing at units hidden in a building, if you fire at their location, the target graphic will show the center of the tile, but the weapons will still hit the units you are targeting.

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