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Defensive Artillery

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In defence I often miss the ability to choose the starting time of an artillery barrage, especially as Syrian.

I can plot a barrage at start, and it will arrive as planned, after 5 or 10 minutes, but of course the enemy rarely follows my estimated timing.

Now, in real life, if this fire was preplanned, I assume the battery can start firing on the designated target when the forward observer says: "now!", if he has a clear view of the target area, and it is full of enemy.

As it is now, my defensive fire is useless most of the time, and ordering a new mission takes 15 minutes, and then it usually is too early or too late once again, while the enemy advances.

Is this a missing feature of CMSF, or would it be unpractical in real life?

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Especially when using red arty it can take several minutes just to get past the "receiving" stage of the fire mission, so it could well be even if that feature was enabled it could still take 5+ minutes for that "now!" command to reach the arty battery and as such will still be too late

Well, that is inconsistent with the fact that correction of spotting rounds does use direct communications between spotter and battery.

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Erik, what you describe is known as a target reference point in CMx1. I was hoping they would make it into CMSF eventually but now the last module is released and they are still not in and probably never will be.

For what it's worth (and it doesn't mean anything to CMSF) but I saw that TRPs are part of CMBN.


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