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CMBB causes computer reboots

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Hello. Finally bought CM2 after several years of enjoyment with CMBO. But the game wont remain stable, and causes a reboot of my machine.

Sometimes the game will reboot in game setup, sometimes in game sometimes 1 minute into the game but usually after about 5 minutes max.

I have a 1.2 ghz windows xp machine with a gefore 4 4600 ti. I have the newset drivers from Nvidia and creative, and am running direct x9.0b.

Ive tried turning off Aa and sound acceleration but it will still reboot.

Any issues? Ive searched the FAQ.


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Have you closed down everything else that may be running in the background, including anti-virus utils, instant messaging clients, etc. ? Does CMBO work on this same machine without any problems ?

Does the computer actually reboot during play/setup within CMBB or does it lockup (forcing you to reboot/turn-off the computer) ?

Do you have any temperature measuring utilities for your motherboard ? You may want to lauch them and see what your 'idle' CPU temperature is before running CMBB and then Alt-Tab out of CMBB after starting it up (but before it reboots) to check what the CPU temp is at that point. I suspect that your CPU may be overheating with CMBB and that your computer is rebooting due to reaching a too high temp.

You can also experiment by taking off the side of the computer case and observing the fan for the CPU, etc. On occasion removing a computer panel may allow for more cool air flow.

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