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CM:BN Dutch/Belgian/German preview

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You forgot the half-track Luger drive-by shooting :D

Oh yeah!

That was hilarious, we were zoomed in on a hanomag (drooling over the graphics) while some americans were laying in pinned/shaken pretty close, all of a sudden one of the hanomag crew stands up and begins unloading his sidearm at the poor ami's :D. I think he scored some casualties as well. Those germans were triggerhappy for sure!

Aah, so much fun stuff happened it is hard to remember it all even now :eek::P

Another one; a bottuned stug was sitting on a small ridge looking down on a road where american halftracks zoomed by handing the stugs a turkey shoot. While we were admiring the random differences in sch├╝rzen between the stugs (there was one without, and one with),suddenly the crew pops up and the loader squeezes off a burst of mg fire at the american troops and the gun fell silent.

'Oh yeah' Jurrie says dryly 'on a stug the loader can either load the gun or man the roof MG, but not both at the same time.' My heart cheered a little at the level on detail on that one.

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Well, i'll follow up with some of the gaming experiences:

I played several games (quite a lot actually) where i picked some StuGs and halftracks with infantry. The general flow of the units is very natural, the passengers inside the halftracks look great and it really adds a beautiful level of detail. Passengers shooting out of half tracks are even nicer! The animations are very nice in general and people will be in for some surprises :) I don't know how to explain this, but the game has quite some "substance" and lots of things to look at. I felt that with just 2 StuGs and a platoon of mech infantry i had way, way more to look at and drool over than an entire company worth of StuGs + a batallion of mech infantry in CMBB. All in all, it feels WAY more personal as well.

Another scenario we played head to head was a quick scenario constructed by one of the testers (Dave i think?) he just wanted to see lots of fireworks, but I used my CMSF/CMx1 experience to avoid certain death and lots of burning Shermans ;) The CAS is very nice, also in terms of sounds btw. The scenario was quite tense though as I attacked with smoke, CAS and artillery cover, there were Germans everywhere and they were ready to toast me! Needless to say, two of my Shermans received direct hits from (i think) Panzerschrecks, i heard some cheering in the other room but noticed they were not knocked out. So i remounted them again (just like Elvis did in the DAR thread) and proceeded to deliver swift justice; the cheering stopped.. :D

The QB, oh the QB :D It's so nice to see it being back to its original state again - and better! There's so much to discover in terms of TO&E and options again, that the force selection will be the "game within a game" again that most people (including me) missed in CMSF :)

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Well, judging from the headache and burning acid stomach....yesterday's war party was a success :)

Great to meet all the guys who made the effort to come round. Special thanks to Jurrie for bringing the beamer as this greatly enhanced the preview experience and turned the lounge into a true Wargamer's lair :D

It is safe to say that CM:BN brought the magic back for those who got their hands onto the preview BETA yesterday :) Great to hear the positive comments and see the delight on faces as Stugs/Panthers/Shermans and howling fighter bombers lit up the screens.

Thanks for the beers guys! We should do this again :)


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I'd be up for another go at CM:BN hoping I can stick around a bit longer. Not that I didn't enjoy being shot up playing the Germans in Fat Dave's demo scenario he put together. I had great fun at least!

Thanks Dave for setting this up! (Hope I didn't break your pc.....)

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So I returned from my extended visit to the residency.

Very entertaining afternoon with CMBN at Dave's classy apartment.

Playing CMBN was going smooth, coming from CMSF.

While Dave urged me to rush all my Americans forward to experience some nice explosions, I couldn't help myself first sneeking an artillery observer forward and ordering some mortar fire on enemy positions.

On board indirect mortar fire is beautiful: you see the crews loading the tube, and you see the bombs travelling high through the air onto their targets.

I loved the new tree rendering, and although it is in a way more primitive and I expect it to be much more efficient than the CMSF model, they actually looked better than the CMSF trees.

I have complete trust that CMBN will be a joy, and the current beta already worked very convincingly.

We spotted very few glitches. Maybe the air support was a bit accurate, maybe a German bunker was a bit resistant: a dozen Sherman hits on the slit should have silenced it?. Germans would have been disappointed - but we Americans cheered - that all recorded panzerfaust/shreck hits on Shermans only led to temporary abandonment of the tanks.

I guess fine tuning all these factors will take its time, and I would say to Battlefront - though this will get me angry reactions from the forum: take all the time you need to get it perfect :-)

All in all it was great fun, thanks to Dave for staging this event.

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