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Well, a pot of coffee and I have just finished reading the whole WWI Manual.

It all sounds very interesting and I am excited to dive strait into a PBEM or 2 in this very unfamiliar to me arena/ war.

A couple questions:

1) Is National Morale of Enemy Countries known with FOW on?

2) Is there now a indication without leaving the game of which cities are Industrial Centers?

3) Have the playtesters noticed if Diplomacy is worth trying? I noticed each chit is only 5% chance of a hit and the hits are normaly only 7-10% meaning you would need 4 or 5 hits to bring a 50% minor up to activation.


Recon & Bomb

Only Recon Bombers and Seeplane Carriers can carry out this kind of attack. Click on the target area and you aircraft will fly a mission and attack any enemy units within 1 tile of the target area. They will also bomb enemy units or resources in the target tile.

Should that be that they recon units within 1 tile and only attack the target tile?? or do they actually attack 9 tiles?

5) If a Heavy Art has 10 shells avail can it fire 10 times in the same turn? Is it possible to fire a few shells then attack with another unit, then fire with the same art again in the same turn?

That should do it for now.

ps. the retreat and National Morale rules sound very interesting

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Hi U8led

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the manual, and as you'll discover, playing the game is significantly far more fun! :)

In answer to your questions:

1) National Morale of all Majors is known. This makes the game far more interesting because often when some of your Majors are starting to get low, so are some of your opponents, so both sides can direct their strategies accordingly.

If it wasn't known, players could probably tell anyway from reports of strikes and other disturbances, so it's much easier to just make it visible to both sides. Plus this way the person who reads the scripts doesn't gain any great advantage from doing so.

2) Not at this moment in time.

3) As well as designing I also play it, and I think diplomacy is more important in this game than it was in some of our WWII games in the past. Obviously I can't speak for all the beta team, and knowing the campaign as well as I do probably gives me a sneaky advantage here, but investing in diplomacy should almost certainly form a part of most players' strategies.

4) You are correct, they bomb the target tile and spot enemy units in the adjacent tiles.

5) A Heavy Artillery unit can fire up to 10 times in a turn, but all the shells do have to either be fired at once, or saved for use as defensive fire or for the following turn. This represents your preliminary bombardment before the troops go into the attack and hopefully take the enemy's positions.

If you haven't got a good level of research into Gas/Shell Production then it will take a long time to save up 10 shells, so this isn't something that you'll see often, especially not during the first year or two of the war when many countries may well suffer from a shell shortage.

The retreating units can be very exciting indeed, and National Morale really is the icing on the cake! :D

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