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In- Game Info Bar= Screwed????


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I asked this question before, but the answer given didn't seem to work. I have a Hercules Kyro II 3D Prophet 4500 and for some reason in- game info- bars and menus are really badly screwed up. Could you please help? My refresh rate, if this helps, is 75 HZ. Thanks.

StuG (Dan)

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I'd suggest upgrading to DirectX 8.1 and the 9.031 drivers. These have mostly been problem free for me (and they're geared to working with DirectX 8.1).

DirectX 8.1 Download (for Win9x/ME)

Hercules Kyro Family drivers (9.031)

There is a minor transparency problem with these drivers and the normal way to fix that causes display problems when it is enabled and you ESC or ALT-TAB out of CM ('Enable External Depth/Stencil Buffer').

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Did you install DirectX 8.1 ? This is required in order to get full functionality out of the drivers since they were developed to use this particular version of DirectX.

If you have 'Enable External Depth/Stencil Buffer' checked in the '3D Optimization' tab of the Advanced Settings for the Display control panel CMBO won't load up the 3D screen. The 'Default' setting will have this disabled. Perhaps you should perform an uninstall on your video drivers and reinstall the 9.031's.

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Are you saying that you were unable to install the latest drivers or that CMBO wouldn't finish loading and just hung with the latest drivers ?

Do you know what chipset your motherboard is based on ? You may want to download and install the latest applicable drivers since often there are patches for non-Intel chipsets and the AGP function (though the Kyro II's don't use anything higher that AGP 2X from what I've read).

I've been able to run a Kyro II on two VIA 694X based motherboards with no problems under Win 9x/ME/2K/XP with the 9.031 drivers. The only problems I've run into have been the transparency bug and the inability to run with an External Depth/Stencil Buffer enabled.

Perhaps you may want to uninstall your video drivers and install your video card as a 'SVGA' and then reinstall DirectX 8.1 and then the latest drivers. You may want to also disable any programs or utilities that are running in the background (Antivirus, System checkers, Uninstallers, Online alerts, etc.) or in the System Tray to minimize any interference they may generate during the install/uninstall process.

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