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I don't know if CMBO/CMBB will ever work from Classic Mode launched from within OS X. Again that is an issue that probably needs a lot of coding from Apple on the RAVE emulation (as it were).

However I'd be very interested to hear if the background sky textures work fine with the latest GeForce drivers from 9.2.2. So please, anyone that is loading 9.2.2 and has a GeForce, let us know if the background sky textures come up OK or not. Also let us know if you're using any higher resolution mods on these sky textures too, since that is another factor.

I'd also be interested in hearing about anyone's experiences with ATI line of video cards like the Radeons or Rage128 families, etc. If there's a discernable performance difference (hopefully an increase over 9.2.1) let us know of that. And let us know if there are any other display problems with the new drivers (refresh rates or other aberrations, etc.).


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Ian (Schrullenhaft),

These are my results after testing with 9.2.2

9.2.2/Ext monitor/Nvidia in Ext folder = No image on Ext and PB at 640 x 480

9.2.2/ No Ext monitor/Nvidia in Ext folder = PB at 1152 x 768

9.2.2/Ext monitor/ No Nvidia in Ext folder = No image on Ext and PB at 640 x 480

9.2.2/ No Ext monitor/No Nvidia in Ext folder = PB at 1152 x 768

So I'm happy to use the PB only.

BTW: The Nvidia extension is now 2.4 rather than 1.1.1

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hi guys,

I just upgraded to 9.2.2 and its, well crap.

True it fixes the background problem, so

you can now see the skies, but I don't enjoy

playing in 640x480, which for some reason is

the only resolution available, unless you have

an apple monitor I hear. Thanks a damn lot

Apple. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Edit: I finally got into 9.2.2 in a higher res, yet it

only worked for one restart, but heres a pic of

CM with the GF3 with the new drivers, The

backgrounds are kinda blurry aren't they?


[ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Daman324 ]</p>

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Daman, did you install any of the very low res sky mods that MadMatt had some of the GeForce Mac users try?

I looks like that's what you have installed. I could be wrong.

Schrullenhaft, so far every game or app that uses either OpenGL or RAVE has worked flawlessly with my Radeon - 17" LCD combination in 9.2.1 except Warbirds III, which has well documented Radeon gripes.

I'll put my GeForce back in and see how everything else works with it.


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I just installed OS 9.2.2 and found that i had sky for the first time :D , though there is a wee glitch somewhere.

System G4 800DP with GeF3 and Apple 17" LCD , 2x60 GHD - Ist OS 10.1 , 2nd OS 9.2.2

1 Gig CL222 RAM.

The glitch i mentioned is a misalignment of the sky texture....this is happening in a scenario i made...though in the QB generated map i seem to have ok sky.

No freezing or crashing when the mouse pointer is near the edge of the screen.

More tomorrow...deadbeat here.



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Am I correct in assuming that the problems everyone is talking about involve the GeForce 3 only????? I use CM on my G4 733 with a GeForce 2MX and Os 9.2.2 and it looks beautiful at 1280 X 1024 with all the effects on. It also worked fine with 9.2.1 except for the horizon which now works great with 9.2.2

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Does everyone here with a GF3 card have a

Apple lcd monitor? From what i've heard so far

several people (including me) with a 3rd Party

(non apple) monitor can't get out of 640x480

with the new Nvidia 2.4 drivers, so I've reverted

to the 2.3 ones. I'd rather deal with black skies

then look at 640x480 on a 19 inch monitor. I

think Apple needs to do more testing before

releasing new software. Hopefully Apple will

fix this quickly.

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I reinstalled maguas Normandy sky textures and i now have no problems with that mis alignment...though there is 1 to 2 black triangles in the odd corner of the sky where the bmps join...this is in the uppermost part....this is at 1280x1024 res.

At lower resolutions there are no such black triangles/joins.



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Yay! i have fixed my problem, no thanks to apple though, apparently the file that was causing the glitch was the "NVIDIA Driver" v2.4 file, by replacing it with the 2.3 version i was able to stay in 1152x870 while still having skies. I fixed my blurry skies problem by just reinstalling them. I then found out that CM is using the low-res skies, anyone know how to change this?

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CMBO in a Cinema Display....Drooooooollll....

One thing I noticed between the Radeon & GeForce cards is that the GeForce tends to display gaps in the ground texture tiles while the Radeon does not. (Look at Daman's pics above, notice the green lines between terrain tiles)

Maybe that will also get improved later.


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