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You can download them to any folder you care to. Be aware that some mods may overwrite others if you decide to extract them all in the same place.

If you've installed CMBO to the default location (and you're using Windows and not a Mac) you need to copy the graphic mods to C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\BMP (these will overwrite what is there). Sound mods can be copied to the C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\WAV directory and scenarios/operations to the C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\SCENARIOS directory.

Some graphics mods use batch files and you'll need to read the README's on those to use them properly. Some new graphics mods utilize the CMMOS program on the PC, so you'll need to download that, install it and follow the instructions to using it as your mod manager. Some sound mods are not encoded as WAV files, but as MP3s to save space. You'll need to convert these with a converter program before loading it up into CM (which won't play MP3s).

I would suggest making a separate directory/folder for your downloads and extracting files in there since many downloads may contain quite a few supplementary files.

If you're using a Mac, then you'll need to download the Mac Mod Manager (at CMHQ) in order to place the mods in their respective resource files.

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At the suggestion of my opponent in SuperTed's Newbie Tournament, I downloaded all of Scipio's sound mods. I unzipped the files and copied the wav files into the C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\WAV folder. I then played each original file and the updated version in WINAMP, so I could tell how significant the improvement was. Then I deleted each of the original sound files, so all I had in the WAV folder was the most recent single version of each file number.

I put together a QB and selected lots of sharpshooters and German MG's because their new sounds are so distinctive. When I played the game, all of the sounds I heard were the original sound effects. What have I done wrong or failed to do? This is really aggravating, because when I use Explorer and double click on the files in the WAV folder, I have the new files.

Maybe this is very basic stuff, but I'm stumped. Help would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

[ 01-02-2002: Message edited by: Dave H ]</p>

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Dave, if you copied the new sounds into the CMBO WAV directory, then they would have overwritten the files already there. So something went wrong. Check the file extensions (e.g., ".TXT"). CMBO won't read them if they are not ".wav" files.

Just to note, if you "deleted" the original files, then the new files were probably named something different, in which case CM wouldn't pick them up because the game is looking for specific file names. In that case, I believe it would pick them up from the CD, which would mean they would sound the same as before.

Hope that helped.


[ 01-02-2002: Message edited by: BeWary ]</p>

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Thanks for the ideas. I should have checked the full file names. There have been enough times I've overwritten files I really wanted to keep that I should have noticed the anomaly. I think I was so excited about the new sound effects, and the fact they played in WINAMP, that I neglected to check the amazing fact there were sets of two files with the "same" name. redface.gif

I'll check as soon as I get home this evening.

Thanks again.


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