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I Paid full price for EOS - worth the money

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I have spent many a day playing EOS and when I compare the money spent and the time I've received value for, it was easily worth the money compared to other interests I have

I go to the early show to watch movies and at $6 per movie, my $45 in movies gets me about 8 movies or about 16 hrs of entertainment time. I've easily gotten better than 60 hrs out of EOS in the past year which is about 4 times as much as I get for my voracious moving watching habit.

I also spent $30 on the Avatar bluray and while I enjoy watching that movie, I doubt I will ever watch it enough to justify the cost of the bluray in comparison to what I spent on EOS and the value received.

Brit, I still think you should have done an EOS2 and developed some missions and campaigns.

Best of luck and as long as you keep improving the game, I'll keep downloading the updates and playing.

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