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can't create a internet server, any help ?

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We are a community of french players and we are used to play on strategic video games.

I just tried theatre of war 2 and i'm very interested on this game. Me and one of my friends, we bought it via steam to test it on a multiplayer session, but we can't create an online server.

First we can't open the option.exe, both of us and on different PC, both using windows 7.

However we tried to use the mp.ini file of the "users" folders by editing it, but we still can't create an internet server whatever we do with the mp.ini file. For both of us, when we want to create one, we have a message which pop telling us we need an external IP address. However we have on external IP address. We use the web page http://www.myipaddress.com/show-my-ip-address/ to get it.

Our router are well configured, but we still get everytime the message that we need an external IP address ???? neither me, nor my friend can create a server via internet.

Do you have any suggestion to help us solve our problem and help us create an internet server ?

By the way we have no problem to create servers for some other games.

thanks for your help and suggestions.


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I responded to your Helpdesk ticket earlier.

Generally most of the recommendations we can make are in a file that is installed with the Game. For a Battlefront distribution this file will be located at (for 32-bit versions of Windows):

'\Program Files\Battlefront\Theatre of War 2\Docs\Multiplayer Configuration Readme.mht'

This document will most likely open up in the Windows Internet Explorer browser, unless the '.mht' extension has been mapped to another program.

Some of the possibilities covered in the document involve opening UDP Ports in your router and 'Port Forwarding' a range of ports for the server.

I have heard of occasional complaints from other players that they are unable to open the 'Options.exe' executable, but I'm not sure why that is the case. As long as the program is licensed and the main executable runs, I don't know why it would not also run. It's possible that you can tinker around with the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings, though you will most likely have to add exceptions for all of the TOW 2 executable files as mentioned in our Knowledgebase article on DEP.

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