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A fun personal guess at CMBN's relase date

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In-Game screenshots for NATO: July 2nd For CM:BN: Dec 21st

-------------------Difference: 3 weeks--------------2 weeks(ongoing to 3 weeks)

----------------AAR for NATO: July 23rd For CM:BN: Jan 3rd

--------------------Difference:3 Months-----------(guess)3 Months

-------Release date for NATO: Oct. 21st For CM:BN: April 1st

Now obviously there are some differences, considering one was an add-on and another is a full-on new game, so it might be a month or two later then that. They still have bugs to work out IIRC, and after that is done they still have two campaigns/and scenarios to start hashing out. But that would be the date I would start looking for it.

And hey, if its early, i'll be too busy blowing things up to care that I'm wrong. :D

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Based on past precedent don't pick a signifiant historical date! I can't tell you how many topics have been posted over the years predicting release on the anniversary of Bagraton, or Torch, or Barbarossa, or VE Day or D-Day or the Russian invasion of/withdrawal from Afghanistan... Care to guess how many of those predictions were correct? :D

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Ok, I will take a shot in the dark as well. Why not.

The first ingame screenshots of CM:BN were released on March 2010.

They really seem to step up the 'buzz' at the moment (newsletter, new forum, pics, AAR). So I would guess it is 'near', or at least they themselves think they are in the last stages of development.

So I am guesstimating..... demo in March, release in April.

One can hope at least :)

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