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"Manual install" of CMBB?


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I'm having the "Installer Blues" also. While waiting on the sure to come "fix" I have tried the manual install procedure, per page 242 of the manual, but all I can "see" on the CD is the Installer itself, no induvidual file folders. Attempts to open the Installer just cause it to start "installing" with resulting crash. How do I access the files on the CD??? I have Windows ME. tongue.gif Many thanks.

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I haven't seen the manual myself yet, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it was proofread for the exact details of the installation of CMBB.

You can manually extract the file with WinRAR, a compressing/decompressing program that reads .RAR archives. However if you have problems finishing the self-extracting install that is on the CD, most likely you'll run into an error with WinRAR.

Another thing to try (if you have the disk space) is to copy the Installer file to your hard drive and then extract it on the hard drive. This should eliminate the CD/DVD drive as being part of the problem. However a number of people have reported problems reading the CD anyway and trying to copy the file to the hard drive before installation will probably run into an error. If that's the case, then there's a possibility that you have a defective CD and you need to email Madmatt with your order info so that you can be put on the list for the replacement CD, whenever that becomes available.

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Actually, what happened is that in the PC version of the manual the old troubleshooting guide for CMBO was used for the Manual Installation section. This was before we knew we would have to compress the entire CD contents using Winrar.

As stated above, you will need to use WinRar to manually install files from the CD.


[ September 24, 2002, 08:43 PM: Message edited by: Madmatt ]

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