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Crashing on start


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Ran update. Hmm. I guess it was not fully updated. I am making progress. The program runs for almost a second before it disappears!

I am now getting a little more info from debug.txt. Here it is:

This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted.

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp()

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line:

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Version 1.01.16024

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 1

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 2

2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 3

2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 4

2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 5

2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 6

Based on this information, it looks like the application is crashing while setting up the sound system. In this section of code, the game starts up the sound system, loads some sound files, and loads the game music. I am putting some more detailed information into the system to nail it down more accurately. Do you have any kind of unusual sound setup on your computer?

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I do not have a sound card. The sound is built into the motherboard. Realtek. According to the update driver finder under my computer devices, the driver is up to date.

You are right, though, that sound and video cards often cause crashes. The problem is that both drivers are up to date and EOS used to work before the change was made to get rid of some of copy protection. Ironic, isn't it? Usually it is the copy protection that causes the problems.

My video card is a card Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT. Not real new. But it's driver is supposed to be up to date as well.

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I wouldn't think that it would cause a problem, but if you have DEP enabled with EOS set as an exception, maybe reversing that MIGHT help:

Go to Start/Windows Menu > Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab (default) > Performance section > Settings button > Data Execution Prevention tab > select 'Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only'. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

When it comes to DEP and eLicense we usually have customers select 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select' and then browse for the 'Runservice.exe' and game executable files. Normally I wouldn't think this would be too much of a problem if eLicense weren't installed, but perhaps setting this back MIGHT help.

However with the 'debug' info that Brit has, it seems there is an issue with the sound system setting up properly. I can't imagine that there would be too much of a difference between most of the Realtek drivers (I've used a number of them fine with EOS). Here's the latest 'Realtek HD' driver for Windows 7 (R 2.56) (checkmark the box to 'accept' and then click 'Next').

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Hmm. Looks like the last thing is sound. I have the latest sound driver. Maybe I need an earlier one. I have an onboard Realtek sound. The latest driver is a 2008 one. It does work on other games. 1/24/2008

The sound does work. And it did work with an earlier version of EOS.

This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted.

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp()

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line:

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Version 1.01.16145

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 1

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 2

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 3

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 4

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 5

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 6

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CSoundManager::CSoundManager(), 1

2011/02/06 20:04:42: CSoundManager::CSoundManager(), 2

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Okay, the section of code here involves the setup of the sound system (OpenAL). What seems to be going on is that the software can't find a device to play sound through. Are you running VMWare by any chance? I'm asking because a google search found someone else had a similar problem (with a different application) and thought maybe it was caused by the VMWare. Also, if you'd like, I can pass you an older version of the game just to see if it starts up okay. My guess is that old versions won't work either, and something changed on your computer between when it used to startup and now, when it won't startup. I haven't touched that section of code in a long time.

I might also be able to change the code so that if the sound-system doesn't startup, the game will still start but without sound. I could also give players a warning about the lack of sound.

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Success. I have two sound drivers. One is the regular Realtek driver. The other is used for total recorder, which allows me to record audio off the interent.

Disabling the latter allow EOS to start. I haven't done much with it yet. But I have no reason to think it won't run ok.

Thanks for your persistence in helping me.

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