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HELP !!!

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I can't get CMBO to work on my new system. I have a athlon xp 1.8 running windows xp. full updates from microsoft and running a 64mb geforce 4 mx440. I tried updating the drivers to the new 44.03 but still get a black screen when trying to run CMBO. I messed around with some of the nvidia options shutting some off but to no avial.I have no idea what to do now. HELP !!!!!

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Interesting problem.

After you installed CMBO and launched the game, did you get to a screen asking what screen preferences you want? "3D DirectX Test:..."

If so, which resolution did you select?

Which version of DirectX are you running? (Start - Run - DxDiag)

If you did not receive the "3D DirectX Test" screen, go to your CMBO directory and delete the "Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs" 1k file (if it exists). Then try re-loading CMBO.


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FWIW - I couldn't get CMBO to run after installing the 44.03 drivers over DirectX 9. Had to finally go back to the drivers before. Had a black screen, got ask about what screen res I wanted, and that's all the further it would go. Finally gave up, after trying some fixes listed here, and went back one generation of drivers.

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prefs file doesn't exist. Also it wouldn't work before i installed the new drivers or directx 9. I never get to the resolution screen it goes black and nothing happens.Wondering if one of the updates i got from windows would be the cuase.

[ June 01, 2003, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: Deadskin ]

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