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The Dumbest Newbie Problem Ever

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Hi. First, let me just say, incredible, incredible game. On to my problem, which I feel pretty ashamed of having...

I cannot scroll down to more scenarios (battles/ops) at the mission selection screen.

Let me illustrate: on the selection screen for Battles, it only goes to mid-H as far as the title of the missions goes. No further. I've tried everything to scroll down and get the rest of them, but I can't! Page down, page up, arrows, mouse...

So, dumb problem, I know, but one that is driving me insane!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by modrnangel:

Yeah, I found it... thought it was for switching between Ops and Battles. I do have another question...

I DLed a couple scenarios last night, saving them in my scenarios folder. Can't access them in-game. I do have 1.12, so I'm not sure what's up<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

First make sure you unzip them. The game doesn't know what a zip file is. Also scenarios and mods may contain other files within their zips, so the best advice is to extract all zips into temporary folders first and then manually copy over the necessary files to their respective folders.

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> .cmb and .cmc files (Battles and Operations) go to "Scenarios" folder

<LI> .bmp files (Graphic Mods) go to "Bmp" folder

<LI> .wav files (Sound Mods) go to "Wav" folder

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Also be sure that you're shortcut isn't pointing to CM on your CDROM. CM can be played from the CDROM, but you will not see any new scenarios since it will only be reading them off of the CD.

Right click on the shortcut you use to launch CM and go to the Properties menu item. You may need to click in the Target line if you cannot seeing its beginning drive letter. Scroll forward with the arrow keys and check the drive letter; most likely you'll want this to be C: if it is anything else then you're probably playing off of your CDROM. Assuming that you've installed CM to your C: drive you could just change this letter to C and you should be able to see your scenarios and mods when you launch CM.

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