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Is this a PBEM cheat?

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hi guys,

I was playing a PBEM.

I loaded a file from a few turns before,just to take a look again at what happened before......i grabed the wrong file...it asked for my opponets PASSWORD..i just hit the enter key..and wham...im looking at all his stuff?Whats that about???

Thanks guys

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Originally posted by Vanir Ausf B:

If just hitting the enter key enabled you to view your opponent's file, that means your opponent isn't using a password. I'd say your opponent is very trusting, or stupid, but it's not a cheat.

Thanks buddy....i was wondering what was up with that.Now i feel guilty smile.gif
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Haha, your opponent didn't use a password. He just clicked enter at password screen like you just did. I say take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Also depends on what kind of opponent your playing, close friend, stranger, skill level, et. But hey, screw him, he should of used a pw. Wars hell. :D

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