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Economics of strategic bombing


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While I'm on the subject, here is how strategics bombing lines up

Unit Cost Prod dam Building dam Unit dam

Bomb1 100 13 20 low

Bomb2 100 13 20

Bomb3 100 13 20

Bomb4 100 13 20

UAV1 80 13 20

UAV2 70 13 20 low

The only difference tech makes is range and defense.

In general, a bomber pays for itself in maybe 4-5 bombing runs if it is not shot down. This sounds about right.

A lot of the damage is to production and buildings. One bomber does 8 production damage per turn, and 50% takes out a building. This means using too many bombers on a single city doesn't help you much. Also sounds like the right thing to do. Two bombers on a city and it won't get anything built...

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