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No Prob, Just An Optimisation Question

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I’m running both CMBO & CMBB on a Dell, 966mhz, with 256k ram and an NVIDIA TNT2 M64 card. The game actually runs well, with the exception that turning on the Trees noticeably slows down the response when scrolling, selecting, etc. during planning. With Trees completely off it’s great… but wanting it all I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to speed it up when trees are on.


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do you mean like new hardware purchase?

or what to do with your existing config to speed things up?

if it's the latter, we'll need to know a bit more about how you have it configured

what rez are you running?

what are your settings for AA, for opengl, for direct3d and opengl and anisoptropic?

suffice it to say, tweaking will only get you so much in the way of performance - folks who like to do it spend a lot of time on it and usually get very little for it - they just like doing it

of the items i've mentioned above, lowering rez from say 1280 to 8x6 would be the single biggest bump in performance - assuming for example you were running at 1280 in the first place

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Didn't make myself clear - trying to get more for the fewest dollars, looking for tips on what I've got now. I'll try the res suggestion, as well as checking my drivers. And showing my PC ignorance... I have little idea what the settings mentioned refer to, and no knowledge of how to get to them. (I'm definitly not a tweaker-for-the-fun-of-it! smile.gif )

Long in the tooth? Hmmm, bummer. Any suggestions on a good replacement? I'm not a total clod with my PC, having put in HDs, CDRD, memory, modems, over the years, so a new board may be in my skill set.

Thanks for the tips.

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Hi there!

I'm really a novice with computers but I still want to tell what worked for me. I had earlier problems with CMBB, it was really slow, I mostly played without trees.

I (actually a friend of mine..) updated my computer a little bit and now everything runs fine. I can even use "extreme trees".

My motherboard could use 1,2 Ghz processor so new processor was on my shopping list (earlier I had 750 Mhz). I was lucky to get that, because shop wanted to get rid of those old processors.

I guess the biggest improvement was to get more memory, + 256 Mb.

These improvements were really cheap (about 110 euros) but the game runs like a dream now and I didn't have to buy new computer.


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