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Problem Upgrading to 1.3

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My vesion of CMBB has the splash screen saying CDV but I am almost certain it is a US version. Anyway to tell?

When I download the CDV patch I get an error saying the game is not installed. I have it running on my D: drive. Do I really need to reinstall everything and all the various patches to get this to work?

I tried the US patch but get an eror saying No CD in Drive?

On top of it all when I tried to reinstall my game from the beginning to reload all the patches it wont reinstall. The CD just stops during the install. Must be damaged now althogh I can play 1.02 ok.

Can you help me please? I'm desperate.



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If you purchased this game from a retail outlet or in Europe, then it is the CDV version and it will require the CDV patches. You need to apply the patches in order (i.e. - 1.01, 1.02 & 1.03). If you attempt to skip any patch it may not apply correctly (as it seems you are experiencing) and it will cause some strange bugs to appear during play.

As you've already seen. If you apply the BTS/BFC Internet patch to a CDV copy it won't work. That's because the BTS/BFC version uses a different form of copy protection than CDV does.

What exact error are you getting when you attempt to install CMBB off of the CD ? I'm not sure how CDV has the files compressed for setup on their CD, but you may want to try a program like WinRAR or Winzip to uncompress them manually. Some of the early CD's from BTS/BFC had problems with some CD/DVD drives and the extraction process wouldn't finish directly from the CDROM. You may (if you have the disk space) also want to copy all of the install files from the CD and install the game from those copied files (hopefully this will work).

When CMBB launches and you get to the first screen after the CDV 'splash screen', there should be a white number in the lower right hand corner. This is your current version (as determined by the executable). I'm not sure which version CDV has on their CD's, but you may need to download previous patches in order to get everything updated correctly.

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