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Recomended drivers?

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If all games you play work ok, i'll say no reason to update drivers.

Newer drivers can give an increase in performance for some (new) games, but "can" give problems with CM.

Its all a tryal and error case.

For CM, the detonator 30.82 drivers seem to be the best allround drivers.

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It depends on your operating system. I've found that the 40.72 drivers work excellently with Win ME and a Ti4200. I can use full FSAA and full AF with NO alt-tabbing. I cannot use 2x or Quincunx FSAA however, unless I am willing to alt-tab.

With Win XP, things are a bit worse. I have to go back to the 30.xx drivers to avoid alt-tabbing if I want FSAA. The problem with the 30.xx drivers is that you have no Anisotropic Filtering available unless you download an app like RivaTuner. AF really makes CM look better. I think it helps every bit as much as FSAA.

Treeburst155 out.

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