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Re-installing CMBO

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Please someone advise me on the best method to re-install CMBO while keeping my mods and the CM Mod Manager. I plan to do the full install this time.

If I save my current BMP file elsewhere, will I be able to move it back into place with no trouble? I think that I can. Am I wrong?

What is the best sequence for installation of the patches? My CD came as version 1.03 (I bought it in August of 2000).

Thanks much.

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Do you only have a partial install right now on your hard drive ?

Unfortunately a full install will overwrite any mods that have been placed in the BMP and WAV directories (PC). You could move (rename) your current CMBO directory and then copy the contents of the BMP and WAV directories into the full install setup. This will involve either manually acknowledging every file overwrite or just saying yes to all of them. This should preserve you mods, but if you're having some sort of graphics or audio problem with CM (that ISN'T due to a partial install), then you may just be recreating your problem after all of this effort.

I believe that the 1.12 patch has everything you need to upgrade fully to the latest version (bmps, wavs, TCP/IP files and some redone scenarios). No other versions need to be installed prior to it to bring your 1.03 to 1.12.

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I forget all of the install options, but I believe that there are only three. Run from the CD, partial and full. I believe that it may default to full install, but I'm not sure. Beyond a full install there is nothing else to really copy on the CD other than the setup files which are unnecessary.

The only other thing was to perform a manual install, but this was only necessary for those who would have problems with the setup program not working properly.

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