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CTD when cycling unit data

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I get frequent crashes to desktop when cycling the unit data (hitting 'enter'), usualy at the end of a battle when Im checking casualty figures.

Im running a pc/Win95. No other problems with the game.

Is this a known issue, or just system config related?

(P2-333/ 96mb/ TNT2)

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Guest Big Time Software

Most likely it's system config-related since I haven't heard of this bug from anyone else. Does it happen in just one scenario or in general?


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I saw something like it in the gold demo in VoT. It would crash to desktop if I clicked on certain units at the end of the scenario. I still have the files and can a) go back and look systematically at how it does it B) send them to you.

It seemed to be the German platoon that was hidden throughout the scenario that consistenly crashed me out.

Haven't looked carefully since then since I've generally found all the enemy units by the end and wasn't trying to figure out what the hidden guys did.

I'm on a PBG3 with MacOS 8.5

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