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CMBB replay trouble


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I have suddenly developed a problem while trying to replay turns. When I rewind to the begining and press play it jumps to the end of the movie.

I've never encountered this before, in fact it happened on turn 3 of a one player operation.

None of the display seems corrupted, as I've read that others with similar problems are having. Any ideas as to what could be going on?

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What type of system do you have? Is it a Dell perhaps?

There is a persistent issue with some Dell's where their own internal clock is not keeping the systems "up time" consistent, this causes the games replay turns to loose "synch" and jump to the end of the turn.

One fix was to leave the system run for about 20-40 minutes prior to launching CM as that seemed to let the internal clock stabilize.

Another thing that can cause that IIRC is a Instant Messenger program running in the background. Shut down any programs running in the background and see if that fixes the problem.


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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I've got a newer Gateway system, which I never shut off, only an occaisional re-boot to "refresh" everything.

I really can't understand this. In the way of a little extra detail, When the turn is playing itself out the "play" button is shown (Shouldn't it be the "pause" button? And the same thing happens when I try to replay the turn... When I hit the "return to beggining" button the "play" button appears. When I hit the play button it jumps to the end of the turn and the "pause" button appears. I'm wondering if attempting to play a tcp game solo could have corrupted something? Just before this problem appeared I had downloaded the operation this problem occured during and it stated it was intended as a tcp game. Perhaps trying to play it solo has caused a problem??????

Perhaps later on I'll just try the old "uninstall, re-install" thing and see if the problem goes away.

Also, as far as I know, there are no other programs running in the background.

[ October 30, 2003, 04:39 PM: Message edited by: Darryl ]

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Generally speaking, the scenario/op should make little-to-no difference regarding this problem. What you're seeing there regarding Solo or TCP/IP is just a scenario designer's recommendation for 'play balance'. It is not a setting that effects the game data.

You may want to double-check for any BIOS updates to your Gateway. Some Dells had this issue solved with a BIOS update (while other computers haven't had this issue fixed - it occurs on some Sony VAIO computers too, among others).

For many people the 'workarounds' mentioned by Madmatt were necessary. An 'uninstall and reinstall' of CM will not fix this particular problem. A new CMOS battery also won't fix this issue since it isn't the CMOS clock that is causing this problem (at least directly).

Make sure you've 'killed' any applications in the background. This includes Instant Messaging clients and possibly 'spyware'. You may also want to disable any anti-virus software just in case (though I wouldn't exactly imagine that this software would cause a problem with the 'uptime clock').

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