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newbie game impressions/suggestions


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A fast moving tank assault that can get in and smash up the enemy artillery and infantry is the best strategy imo.

Remember weak units in a stack with strong units are given little protection, so a bunch of artillery in a stack with dug-in infantry will quickly be killed by a tank rush. You can then use your arty, if you brought it, to soften up defenders so your attacking force doesn't burn off so many HP.

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Yes, now I see everyone gets to shoot at everyone when they clash...I say goodbye to infantry as soon as a tech up to tanks. A mixed stack is only good if each unit can take the distributed dose of pounding...which pretty much favors the big brawny tank.

So far, the rule in single player seems to be: the AI empties his garrison the minute I show up. Okay then...I don't land unless I can disembark and strike first...invasions are pretty much settled on the first turn on these small islands I've been playing on.

I'm going to try for medium sized islands and see if there is any change to this invasion dynamic...as well as see if the random map has...random sized islands. If not, then I wish there was a "mixed island size" map generator option...I'm not going to give up on mixed force operations...I think taking/holding larger islands will need them...let's see if that is true...

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Reproduced it! Emailed a save game.

The AI stack of five subs is very pretty, and pretty much means that Mr. Yamamoto owns that area.

Total suppositions:

In both cases (I think) it is the return leg where the fighter (a jet fighter in case 2) sees the sub.

Or Perhaps it is when the sub finishes movement that the sub becomes visible.

Ah, you're right. I saw the problem in your game, took a close look code, and discovered that units can see other units that can't normally see if they are within 4 pixels of the other unit. This is fixed in the next update.

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I took out a group of four AI subs using my fighter for sighting and my tac bombers for shooting...I'm happy/sad I mentioned it:)..thx for fixing tho.


This Veteran game is playing out as a mirror image of the last...

My neighbor on my side declares war on his neighbor. And eventually, on my terms entirely, I attack mine. One Veteran AI is not enough against a human who has a clue *and* has had the time to prepare. First AI empire is crushed. And again, I get to prepare and choose my next victim...without a dog pile. I start on the second AI empire of my choosing.

Unless Mr. Rommel decides to turn on me...this will be handily won.

However I keep forgetting about this all-seeing AI...today I moved an arty, mlauncher, and tank on an island across the water from an enemy city...but just within my range (and out of their "sight" range) and instructed them to bombard. I had an air patrol risk their lives to give my mlauncher the range.

The AI pummeled them as they moved to position....without benefit of any units for ranging purposes. The damaged tank tried to slink back away...and almost died as well.

The AI is often too bullishly aggressive with it's great map vision. He will send individual subs to their doom against my screen. I don't use individual ships any longer because I cannot keep them alive due to the traitor in my high command:(

My ship teams almost always win their individual fights this way...my shipyards are always busy repairing them.

Phew, it's a good thing Brit doesn't read the forum:)...otherwise he would be informed that

a) IMHO two mlaunchers and an arty are not enough for an AI front line shore garrison. The battleship2+ teams can soak up their fire for only a few hits (they bring along 16 or more to spare) without concern and then shred them and anything else still around in that base. That even with the extra ranging the AI vision gives them.

B) Then if the AI also adds a flak that makes bombers pay a price to take out that strong ranged unit group that is keep away the battleships...makes breaking into that city more difficult. I'm not saying every city has to be like this...but the ones that border a warring empire....absolutely.

c) Or perhaps pen a 2-3 unit sub team in that garrison on aggressive orders...they will land a bunch of hits *only when something gets really close like a transport group or over-confident BB stack*....when it counts for the city.

d) not every border city has chew up so much food in it's garrison defense...but what's the point of a key garrison if they cannot handle a serious threat?

edit: those two ranged units can handle the lone transport invader so are not completely useless...a good minimum setting...

...and no human player will send just one BB once they see what those defender launcher/artillery units can do...

I think also I've may have figured out a pretty simple rule of diplomacy about two-front wars: avoid them by having a strong force deployed on a war footing. Well, duh. In my first games as I fumbled around without a navy...the AI empires jumped all over me. In the last two...my navy was ready almost before anyone was fighting anyone....and no one wanted a piece of me.

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