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Blue Screen of Death


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I hadn't played CMBB or CMBO for a few months so I decided to make a scenario to play a couple days ago. Unfortunately neither game works anymore. Every time I attempt to start either game it gives me a blue screen of death. I haven't made any major changes to my system other than updating a few drivers and replacing the monitor during that time. What happened?

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Delete the Prefs file and see if you get the resolution selection screens.

What drivers did you change ? Do you have any more details about your 'BSOD errors', such as the module/file names, etc. ?

I'd guess that it is probably related to your video driver. So hopefully deleting the Prefs file and forcing a re-selection of the resolution may help in a strange way.

Corvidae - I have no idea why you would have such a problem repeatedly where after a few weeks of use you get the error, which is then fixed by a reinstall. The CM series has only one executable file (and a couple of associated files for TCP/IP play). Backing those up to some other hard drive or media may be an easier way to avoid reinstalling the game. This is assuming that bitmaps or sound files aren't getting corrupted, which I'm not sure how CM would react and it would probably be rare for a video driver to cough up a furball in such a case.

The only thing I can think of here, if nothing has been changed between running fine and getting errors, is that file corruption is occurring. What might be causing that is uncertain. Anything from a bad hard drive to an unstable software environment, etc.

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I have a PNY Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 card and I have updated the drivers regularly. It worked on that card before although the drivers probably changed a couple times.

What you say makes sense since when my old monitor blew I had to use an older, smaller one for a couple weeks. If I shut down the computer an improper way with that monitor the screen would be all wonky when it came back on sometimes and I would end up restarting again to clear it. I also got a Windows protection error sometimes(not sure if it was related or not) so it could very well be something related to the resolution.

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